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Hello everyone !!

As I just came back from Japan and bought some smaller stuff and candy to giveaway, it is now time for a shop/goodie bag giveaway !! :3

For once, you’ll get to choose something from my shop, below you can see what exactly, and in addition to that a little goodie bag is waiting, as you can see in the second picture but that won’t be all yet, over time I’ll add some things that I may still find :3

Up there in the image, there’s a small selection of what I’m selling in my shop: MadameLucipurr !

On to what you will get:

☆ $40 worth of jewelry from my shop ‘Madame Lucipurr’

☆ + one custom piece of jewelry, personally designed for you, whatever it may be, we’ll work together on making it come to life :3

Goodie Bag !! - Japanese Candy, one little fluffy phone charm, a small coin purse, a Rilakkuma wallet, one Kitty-tag, one hand-made Rilakkuma necklace as well as some pink jewelry and a puprple-ish and brownish wig (not pictured) ; 3 

over time more stuff will be added to that ; w; it lacks something plush and some more cute cuteness :3

Now on to the rules, my fluffy sheep:

☆ Must Be Following Me  as this is a giveaway as a thank you to my followers and a hello to new ones :3

☆ Reblog only up to 3 times !!  Only like for reference !!

Older Followers from before the giveaway will have an additional 5 entries once they reblog !

☆ Gain another 5 entries by following me on Instagram  ;3 (optional)

☆ Please do not delete this text !!

☆ No giveaway blogs! No, no, no ! Be fair towards everyone else !!

☆ Must have parent’s consent/be comfortable giving me an address to send it to if you’re under the age of 18 !

☆Ask box must be open. If i don’t receive a reply from the chosen winner within 3 days I will choose another winner. 

☆ Post must reach at least over 1000 notes (wishful thinking? ;;)

Any questions? Then leave a message for me in my ask :3 


The winner will get chosen via and shall be announced on: June, 20th - 2014

Good Luck, my dears, and may the odds be ever in your favor !!!

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