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I have been reading up on Alyssa Bustamante lately & this is a really sad story. Yes, She murdered a 9 year old girl, but if u read the whole story This poor girl had a Mental Illness, She cut herself, she was severely depressed. That doesn’t justify what she did but It does show that she isn’t some cold blooded killer! The poor girl snapped, Some people hurt themselves & some people hurt others. This girl had been crying for help & no one noticed. She doesn’t need to be locked away for the rest of her life! If she gets the help she needs & the meds to help her illness she will not be a danger to anyone. im actually going to write to her. They locked this poor girl up & threw away the key but U have Casey Anthony who killed her child just because she didn’t want the burden of a kid & she just walks free.. Its really fucked up!

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Hello everyone !!

As I just came back from Japan and bought some smaller stuff and candy to giveaway, it is now time for a shop/goodie bag giveaway !! :3

For once, you’ll get to choose something from my shop, below you can see what exactly, and in addition to that a little goodie bag is waiting, as you can see in the second picture but that won’t be all yet, over time I’ll add some things that I may still find :3

Up there in the image, there’s a small selection of what I’m selling in my shop: MadameLucipurr !

On to what you will get:

☆ $40 worth of jewelry from my shop ‘Madame Lucipurr’

☆ + one custom piece of jewelry, personally designed for you, whatever it may be, we’ll work together on making it come to life :3

Goodie Bag !! - Japanese Candy, one little fluffy phone charm, a small coin purse, a Rilakkuma wallet, one Kitty-tag, one hand-made Rilakkuma necklace as well as some pink jewelry and a puprple-ish and brownish wig (not pictured) ; 3 

over time more stuff will be added to that ; w; it lacks something plush and some more cute cuteness :3

Now on to the rules, my fluffy sheep:

☆ Must Be Following Me  as this is a giveaway as a thank you to my followers and a hello to new ones :3

☆ Reblog only up to 3 times !!  Only like for reference !!

Older Followers from before the giveaway will have an additional 5 entries once they reblog !

☆ Gain another 5 entries by following me on Instagram  ;3 (optional)

☆ Please do not delete this text !!

☆ No giveaway blogs! No, no, no ! Be fair towards everyone else !!

☆ Must have parent’s consent/be comfortable giving me an address to send it to if you’re under the age of 18 !

☆Ask box must be open. If i don’t receive a reply from the chosen winner within 3 days I will choose another winner. 

☆ Post must reach at least over 1000 notes (wishful thinking? ;;)

Any questions? Then leave a message for me in my ask :3 


The winner will get chosen via and shall be announced on: June, 20th - 2014

Good Luck, my dears, and may the odds be ever in your favor !!!

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